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15 Best Social Media Platforms in 2020

August 25, 2020


Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform in the world. The recorded number of monthly active users is about 2.6 billion as of 2020. We can say that Facebook is a perfect platform to market your product/services to a million audience. This platform allows the users to share text posts, images, links and videos. Also it allows the users to follow famous people and react with their posts.

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Instagram is one of the leading social media platform in the world. According to statista.com, Instagram reached it’s first billion active users last June 2018. This platform is mostly an app-based but users can still access their feed through website version. Instagram allows the user to share videos and images. Instagram Stories and Live are the features that most users  are using to gain followers/clients and market their product/services.

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Twitter is one of the highly engaged social media platform in the world. Even though it only had 330 million active users as of 2020 the engagement is ranging up to 500 million tweets per day. Twitter will allow you to stay on the top of trending topics including relevant conversations.

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Linked In is a social media platform that specialized in B2B audience. It is widely known to connect with professionals and showcase their portfolios. Linked In is the perfect platform if you are looking for a job. This platform allows you to show your professional expertise and attract potential employers/employee that suites you.

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Snapchat is a social media platform that’s more popular with younger generation. As of 2020 this platform recorded 229 million daily active users. This platform is same as Instagram, it allows the users to send snaps and update status.

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Youtube is undoubtedly the largest video-sharing social media platform in the world. As of 2019, Youtube had an average of 2 billion based on monthly active users. The users spends an average of 40 minutes by watching videos.

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Pinterest is a social media platform specialized in virtual scrapbooking. This platform allows the user to create themed boards and images of their products to the board. Entrepreneurs can also create Shoppable Pins so the users can directly purchase the products.

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Tumbler is also one the leading social media platforms in the world. As of February 2020, the total number of unique visitors to the website is 321 million. It is widely known to be one the best self-expression social media sites and mostly used by teens and fandoms.

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Image: Statista


Reddit is a social media platforms where the users engage with the users based on the news or topic that is currently on trend. It is commonly known as news aggregator whereas the users sharing news from different sources on the site. Most of it’s news are from USA followed by Canada and United Kingdom .

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Google Home is an application that can play music and designed to compete with Amazon echo a smart speaker from the eponymous search giant. The purpose of this application is to give assistant to mostly in vehicle using Google’s voice activated virtual helper.


Quora is one of the leading social network in terms of asking any questions with hundreds of topic throughout the world. If you have question and the internet can’t give you the answer, Quora is the best place to visit and also you can answer requests based on you expertise.


Spotify is an application that gives you access to millions of music, podcast and video streaming service. This application earn it’s position as the best music streaming app. As of June 2020, the total number of users is 299 million with 138 million active subscribers.

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SoundCloud is a social media platform specialized in music-sharing whereas the users can upload their original songs. The user can also make their own playlist and make comments on part of the tracks which they want to show with their viewers.


iTunes is media player and internet radio broadcaster. This platform can also use for marketing and advertising purposes. Users can also join their affiliate program and earn commissions on qualifying sales.


Flickr is a social media platform that many photographers and graphic designers visit. This platform provides high-quality images to make your design more attractive. Users can also connect with other people and join communities based on their interests.  Want to learn how to create a content marketing plan? *CLICK HERE

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