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July 15, 2020

6 tips for creating content marketing plan

You need to understand that you want to reach your set goals. It is important to keep this in mind when making a content marketing plan. It is very important that you already have promotional plans. So that you know when you are going to be promoting certain products or services. What are those key dates of the year where you are going to launch? A new program, product or pushing a certain service.? So that your content will help you to get more exposure for your paid programs, services or products. 

It is important that your content marketing plan plays in hand with your goals. That is one of the biggest mistakes I see that online entrepreneurs make. They are pumping out content without being strategic about their content. So that it actually pre-sells their products, services, and programs without being annoying.

Let’s dive outlining your content marketing plan.

1. Outline your goals

You do not want to miss this. First is what are your goals; it pertains to your content marketing. It’s very important that you understand that it is not about what is the next hack or the next technique. It’s more of you mastering the fundamentals.  We fall into this familiarity syndrome where we know that it is important to set goals. But we do not actually follow through and we do not outline those goals. We actually keep them on top of our mind on a consistent basis so that we know exactly where we are going. You want to outline your goals and be very strategic about refreshing them every once in a while.

2. Describe your ideal client avatar

We want to do this so that what we create builds on the solid foundation which is getting to know our ideal client. Knowing who we are targeting this content to, who are we marketing to and how are we going to better sort them. How is our content going to take them from a website visitor or an email subscriber to a customer? How are we going to serve them before, during and after they experience our services.

3. Iron out your content types and the frequency in which you will be publishing them

Iron out your content types. What types of content are you going to be publishing. Are you going to publish web posts, podcast episodes or videos? It is very important to have those content types outlined. Then you are going to set a specific frequency so that you can plug these into your content calendar.

4. Set strategic KPIs

This means that you are going to be strategic with how you are going to measure your work progress. Do you want to be able to track how many folks are actually clicking on my social media posts? How many are reading my newsletter? How much traffic are we getting from our blogs? All those KPIs stand for are going to allow us to track our progress and course-correct as we move forward in the year. Next, we are going to brainstorm content ideas, so you will not be shooting in the dark. Is what I am going to talk about on my blog? Or is this what I am going to talk about in my newsletter? Or is this what I am going to talk about on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

5. Brainstorm content ideas

It is important that you brainstorm initial content ideas that you are not going to come up with on a flight.

6. Create a content promotion plan

This is what is going to allow us to get more exposure. Even get more traffic and more engagements. Help to move along in your business as it pertains to content marketing.

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