Buyer’s Guide Black Friday – Tech-sanity for femalpreneurs

Want to get the most out of Black Friday?
Don't have the time to check all the tools for your business?

I've put together my recommendations for you:

• Webpage (Hosting, Page Builder, Template)

• Course platforms

• Mailing Services

• Web conference hosting

• Analytics (YouTube, Web, Facebook)

• Streaming

• Video

• Images

• Text

Featured Services

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About me

My name is Maria and I am just as curious, openhearted & exploding with dreams as you are.
I am tech-savy (read: I can spend hours testing out new software features)
I am curious (read: I always try to understand every aspect of an issue)
I am helpful (read: I volunteer at the red cross and twice a month spend my nights in an ambulance car)
I am also someone who knows how to get wordpress selling for you without having to struggle and reinventing the wheel.​

I have been working for 8 years now in IT + Marketing in a partner company of SAP – the world’s leading software for enterprise resource planning. My daytime I spend consulting clients and helping them to work with their IT instead of fighting it.

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