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Do you feel your toes?

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So this week, I have something creepy to share. On Tuesday, I was attending the business day for women in Liechtenstein, Vaduz. There were several different talks from inspiring female entrepreneurs, politicians, and founders.

One talk left me standing baffled. Anja Wyden Guelpa (CEO civicLab, board member, leadership coach, university lecturer) did a lovely exercise with all the women in the room. She stood on the stage and asked us all to put off our shoes and close our eyes. So we stood there in this large room with her in the front, closing our eyes, and then she started to do a body check with us. I have to admit; I am fond of meditating and also do body checks in my autogenic routine. 


Anja started with our toes, going through each one of them. She told us to feel our feet connected to the ground. Check our toes, how they touch the floor. From the pinky to the middle toe to the right big toe, to my surprise, I could not follow. Practicing body check for over 12 years now – I’ve never started with my toes. I never even thought of checking how my toes touch the ground. So that is one hell of a significant blind spot for me!

I’d love to share this experience with you if you take your shoes off and stand tall on your feet: close your eyes and check-in with your body. Center yourself. And now tell me – can you feel every single one of your toes connecting to the ground? How does it feel?


After the talk, I reached out to Anja, and she recommended me to watch a TEDx Talk by Shirzad Chamine. Shirzad Chamine studies positive psychology. Apart from talking about inner saboteurs and the inner sage, he also recommends spending 10 seconds focusing on something intentionally to help rewire the brain for more positivity. So I guess I’ll be thinking a lot more about my toes the next seven days to increase positivity and decrease the influence of my inner saboteurs <3

Do you do something like this already? What do you do? I’d love to hear it – comment below and let me know!

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