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Free tools to make stunning blog posts and pages

Once you’ve setup your page (page builder + theme – get it here), you can check your content. There are various tools to help you create content that your potential clients will love! In the following section, I’ll go through the free tools, which I currently use to create content for you.
Learn how I use:


To provide quality blog posts and pages.

Nothing wrong with a typo

Ever wondered if you should pay somebody to read through each and everything you create? Well with Grammarly you have an online tool which does all the corrections for you. Just enter the text, and it will check not only the spelling but also the readability!

Check Grammarly out here.*

Hemingway would have used it

Another great tool to use to check the readability of your texts is the Hemingway Editor. Either you write directly online into the editor or you can copy & paste your documents. I love it because it allows me to work on my texts without any distractions. It is plain and simple and reduces my over-lengthy sentences to 0. Check out the Hemingway Editor.

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