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Is it possible to start a brand new business in only 4 hours per month, without loosing your mind?

You are an entrepreneur who...

  • wants to grow a six figure business, creating impact and having meaningful converstations with an audience that truly cares

You have been told to...

  • just put yourself out there daily to create the impact you are craving


But you have no clue where to get started...

  • You have no background in business
  • You don’t want to go down the rabbit hole

But you see the possibilities that come with having a business that matters and being an impactful entrepreneur.

Our Plan:

You try to start by launching a first product (insert course, e-book, webinar,...)

You try to share knowledgeable content on Facebook

You even try to get first trial customers

You fail miserably

  • None of these gets you a sale

  • None of these make people call you an expert or make them want to skip an episode of GOT’ to come watch your webinar

So you try some more...

  • You buy different DIY books for your business strategy, marketing and content plans (which are so overwhelming that you don’t finish to read any of it)​

You then shift to mass online courses promising that you can do it all in as little as 2 months and for one easy payment of 4.950 dollars….

  • Well why would I pay that for watching videos all by myself again?

You fail at all of these…

  • Not in a going to brush of the dust and try again way, but in  a sad, miserable heap of snot and tears way.

And you sit there...

Wondering: how do all these people do this? The ones with their 6k businesses?

Pondering: what can you do to get your business up from the ground

Grappling: with the possibility that this might never happen

Puzzling: on what else you can do to…

Doubting: if you will ever have the impact you crave with this business that you love, if you will EVER be the impactful entrepreneur

While Others…

Get the business up and running effortlessly

Grow a sustainable plan

Create lifelong followers

Get the sales…

All with the power of a clear action plan!

You don’t need to do this anymore

I HAVE DEVELOPED A SYSTEM that takes away..

The need to mimick others action plans

The problem of no engagement

The struggle with getting people to like you, trust you and buy from you

It literally & truly takes you from 0 business knowledge to starting the business of your dreams in only 4 hours per month, without loosing your mind?

Introducing: The SURE Principle.

How to start the business of your dreams in only 4 hours per month, without losing your mind

Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

I am Maria, a #1 bestselling author, speaker and business coach. I used to be an IT and business consultant. Now I am supporting female entrepreneurs in creating businesses that supports them, helping them to spend more time doing what they love to do. I know what you are thinking

It won’t work for me because I don’t have enough time or I don’t have enough knowledge yet.

If it was that simple, everyone would be having an up and running business.

How is this different from DIY books and courses that promise me to get my business up and running?


Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before

This is what’s included in this life-changing 1:1 program

  • Define your ideal customer, so that you can tailor the program to their exact needs.
  • Craft your offer, so that your customer avatar can not resist to buy.
  • Checking your resources, so that you know where you can turn to, if you need support.
  • Cost and revenue review, so that you keep the upper hand on your spending and get the surplus you deserve.
  • Final validity check, so that your business supports you in doing what you love.
  • Checklists & Web templates, so that you can focus on what matters most.
  • Welcome Package & Free access to group programs, so that you can benefit long-term from this program.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get my money back? 

Yes there is a 30 Day satisfaction Guarantee. 
If you’re not satisfied you can drop a mail to to get a full refund.

I only have a vision

That’s perfectly fine, we’ll start from where you are and build it up from there 

I already have a fully fledged business, but lack traction. Is this program for me?

As a business coach I love to support you. We’ll spend less time discussing the basic principles and move on to the executionable action plan, so you can benefit from the program immediately.

About me

My name is Maria and I am just as curious, openhearted & exploding with dreams as you are.
I am tech-savy (read: I can spend hours testing out new software features)
I am curious (read: I always try to understand every aspect of an issue)
I am helpful (read: I volunteer at the red cross and twice a month spend my nights in an ambulance car)
I am also someone who knows how to get wordpress selling for you without having to struggle and reinventing the wheel.​

I have been working for 8 years now in IT + Marketing in a partner company of SAP – the world’s leading software for enterprise resource planning. My daytime I spend consulting clients and helping them to work with their IT instead of fighting it.

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