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Tech-sanity Website Health Services

Website Health Check: A Brief Definition

Website maintenance or website health check is the process of checking your website and determining issues, mistakes, glitches while keeping it updated. In a nutshell, it means keeping your website healthy, ensuring traffic growth, and improving your Google rankings through SEO.

Weekly Process to Maintain Website Health

  1. Check all website pages and make sure that each page is loading correctly.
  2. Make a backup so that the existing content and elements are safe and stored.
  3. Update all website software and plugins.
  4. Determine if all forms are still running correctly.
  5. Remove all spam and unnecessary comments on pages and blog posts.
  6. Check for broken links in each page.
  7. Search for 404 errors and fix/redirect them.
  8. Optimize blog post and articles regularly to improve its ranking.

Monthly Process to Maintain Website Health

  1. Load speed checks to ensure that there’s no bogging.
  2. Perform a security check to prevent breaches and protect yourself from potential online threats.
  3. Analyze statistics from the previous month and apply changes to your website as needed.


  • SEO Quake – On-page Optimization Checker
  • Google Keyword Planner – Blog post and article Optimization
  • Sucuri – Website Security and Malware checker
  • Why No Padlock – Broken page, links, images, videos and audios checker

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