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Five steps to launch your own business page

When getting started with your website there are five easy steps you can follow to get started. Once you understand those five steps, there is nothing hindering you from launching your page and start generating revenue online.

5 steps to launch your own business page

Step 1: The Domain

Get a fitting domain for your brand. Mine is – that’s where you’ll find my webpage.

A domain is like the adress for your website. Anyone who knows your adress can find your page. Use something which can be easily remembered e.g. if you are a Coach – use your name or if you have a company – use your company name.

You can register domains online either with the hosting providers which you can see below or directly with

Step 2: The Hosting

Providers like siteground and bluehost offer wordpress hosting with an easy interface to manage your WordPress page.

Check out this link* to test siteground for 30 days or go and use this link* to check out bluehost.

Step 3: The Theme

What would you like your page to look like? I personally love the Astra Theme. You can check it out here*. 

Step 4: The page builder

To make the maintenance of your page easy and reduce the number of plugins I can recommend Elementor as a page builder. It has all the features you need to create stunning pages within minutes. You can get the free version to check it out immediatly – click here*.

Step 5: Connect the dots and enjoy

As soon as you’ve setup your domain and moved it to your hosting provider, you can start with installing the theme and page builder. Once it is setup, you can start maintaining pages and posts. Remove any example or dummy texts and insert your pictures. If you want to skip step 2-5 contact me with the form below for a free setup meeting. I’d be happy to assist.

Need any help? Reach out!

*All marked links are affiliate links – a share of your purchases will be attributed to the affiliated Thank you for your support.


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